Orion Calf Dye System

Orion Leather Finishes offers a range of liquid, cream and paste dyes imported from France for hand finishing of chrome tanned or vegetable tanned 'crust' (unfinished) leathers.  They can be used singly or in combination, with endless variety - mix custom colors, experiment to achieve unique looks in your leather projects.

The dye formulations include solvents, and are not recommended for use by children.  Proper precautions including adequate ventilation, skin and eye protection should be taken. 

Liquid dyes and dye waxes provide the deepest color penetration. Can be thinned with denatured alcohol, and applied by cloth, fleece pad or brush. Cream dye wax provides a smooth even color. Paste wax is applied as a top coat which can be brushed to a high gloss.  Allow at least 10 minutes between coats and always wipe finished product until no dye is transferred when rubbed with a clean cloth. 

 Not available in California. No air shipping available on this product, must be shipped ground.

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