I almost gave away an old pair of cowboy boots I hadn’t worn since before my children (who are now adults) were born.   I tried them on, and memories flooded back of a local watering hole, ‘Touch of Country’, where I danced to country & western bands almost every weekend for a few years, until I moved from the area.  They fit well, were more comfortable than I remembered, and I’ve worn them a number of times since I recently rediscovered them.

A good friend moved from town recently, and I temporarily stored some things that didn’t make it into the moving truck.  Among them was a box containing a couple pairs of well-made boots and shoes her dad had worn and prized many years ago, they were a memento she cherished.

Civil War Era

Pre-Civil war boots

A good pair of shoes or boots, a favorite handbag, briefcase or wallet, with a little care may see many years of use, and could they talk would share stories of the places they’d been and the people who cared for them.  From ancient times, leather has been utilized to provide comfort in shelters, clothing, footwear and accessories to carry our necessities. In fact, we've even found pairs of Civil War era boots still intact at vintage shops. At Orion Calf, we seek out those who have taken the time to learn and excel at leather craft and create something lasting, beautiful, and useful. We’ve got some very special leathers for you.