Luxury Leather
and Leather Dyes

For Discerning Artisans

There is nothing like working a beautiful calfskin. Artisans and entrepreneurs have been under-served without direct access to the leathers favored by luxury brands... Until now.

At Orion Calf, we have decades of combined experience in leatherwork and the leather trade. We leveraged our worldwide connections to forge relationships with select tanneries and dye producers to offer you the finest quality calf leathers and leather dyes. We provide for those who desire to make extraordinary products for discriminating customers.

Crust Leathers
Leathers for use with the Orion Calf Ltd. Dye system.
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The Orion Calf Dye System
Orion Leather Finishes offers a range of liquid, cream, and paste dyes and wax dyes imported from France for hand finishing of chrome tanned or vegetable tanned 'crust' (unfinished) leathers. They can be used singly or in combination, with endless variety - mix custom colors, experiment to achieve unique looks in your leather projects.
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